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The current evidence shows that after an initial episode of lower back pain and treatment, the chance of having a recurrent episode is greater than 60%! The reason for this high recurrence is that the stabilizing structures atrophy very soon after an episode of lower back pain, and need 4-6 weeks or more to adapt and return to their original state. Most insurance companies do not provide the treating professional medical services adequate sessions for this critical adaptation component to succeed.

The current treatment methods for chronic lower back pain are based on acute symptom treatment models. Scientific evidence for chronic lower back pain shows these static treatments are detrimental to biosynthesis of the spine stabilizing structures. Therefore the long-term benefits for most patients are only temporary and add to the increasing healthcare costs in the U.S.

Movement is the Answer

Orthopedic and spine specialists know from consensus scientific evidence that early restoration of spine function through movement, repetition, gradual loading, and isolation have proven to be the best treatment for chronic lower back pain. DBC Active Spine Care® is this proven methodology that documents long-term positive outcomes and prevention of future lower back pain problems, even in advanced pain management cases. DBC Active Spine Care® has shown through published scientific evidence to provide 90% positive outcomes with over 150,000 patients in over 120+ DBC Active Spine Care® clinics worldwide.


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Cost Containment for the Workplace

DBC Active Spine Care® not only has superior outcomes to restore spine function, but has also shown to be a monumental cost containment program, reducing repeated hospital claims, expensive spine surgeries, medications, imaging, ongoing treatments, absenteeism and presenteeism.

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