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An employer’s health care costs skyrocket when back pain is involved

Employees with low back pain have, on average, 5 other conditions that complicate care. No matter the type of ailment, from lower left back pain or lower right back pain, to a variety of different spinal injuries, employer’s health care costs skyrocket when back pain is the predominate complaint. Presenteeism costs amount to more than two-thirds of the total costs related to low back pain. To make matters worse, estimates claim almost 70% of these employees have the problem recur within 12 months, and to compound this the toll on the employees family becomes an issue that further increases employer healthcare costs in the U.S.


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Costs to Your Company

Due to all the suffering from lower back pain, around 40% of those inflicted cannot work. Not only are these people off the job initially, but they continually suffer from bouts of work absenteeism due to their injuries and these are recurrent costs to the employer year after year. Employees unable to work on a consistent basis can be a detriment to your company’s work flow, and your bottom line.


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The Benefits of DBC Active Spine Care®

Our DBC Active Spine Care® program has documented evidence to:

  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Reduce medical claims
  • Reduce unnecessary spine surgeries
  • Reduce repeated treatments, imaging and medications
  • Increase employee working years

Our DBC methodology has been shown to be effective in both early interventions and long-term outcomes for employee wellness. From lower right back pain to a herniated disk, our program can help all companies address the rising health care costs of back and neck pain in the workplace.

An on-site employee health benefits model for prevention and early detection of risk factors increases your business’s efficiency. Through reducing administrative fees, work absenteeism, and medical costs, DBC Active Spine Care® provides economical cost containment and increased productivity.

Who DBC Methodology Benefits

If you’re a medical or human resource administrator, CEO, CFO, or benefits broker working with self insured or other companies, and are looking for risk mitigation solutions to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and keep employees healthy, then DBC Active Spine Care® has the evidenced based solution for you.

DBC Active Spine Care® for Your Company

The DBC Active Spine Care® program is a comprehensive bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program for prevention and treatment of low back disorders. The DBC methodology incorporates specialized FDA medical devices and protocol that is documented in published scientific research and clinically validated to reduce pain, impairment, disability and stress, and improve well-being.

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