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Current treatments for low back pain still don’t provide long-term results

As medical professionals you know that 84% of the population suffers from back pain over the course of their lives. More than 60% of those who have suffered find pain recurring within the first year. While modern medicine has advanced in a variety of ways, the current methods of treatment for low back pain still do not restore functional adaptation to the stabilizing structures of the spine and provide long-term positive outcomes.

What is DBC Active Spine Care®

Whether you are a neurosurgeon, pain management physician, orthopedic spine center, or other medical professional looking for the best treatment to enhance your practice, DBC Active Spine Care® offers a clinically different advantage over the competition. Our comprehensive spine functional adaptation program has been scientifically and clinically validated with physicians from comprehensive pain management, physical medicine, neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine centers and physical therapists to provide their patients and practice with a more effective, efficient and economical program.


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Why Medical Professionals Need DBC Active Spine Care®

You know your biggest dilemma concerns the patient who continually returns to your practice with little to no results after many conservative treatment options. DBC Active Spine Care® has documented evidence of significantly improved non-surgical and post-surgical outcomes. Our evidence-based, adaptive bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program has been shown to significantly improve both physical and cognitive behavioral aspects of chronic low back pain in patients and return them to a more functional life.

When considering adding professional medical services, you probably want evidenced based methods and an opportunity to provide an ancillary program to set you apart from your competition. Medical professionals are competing for the same patients with other orthopedic and spine centers, interventional pain management programs and therapists. DBC Active Spine Care® is the clinically different methodology that will separate you from your competition.

The Benefits of Our Program

Our commitment is to provide a more effective, efficient, objective program that provides unsurpassed professional medical services through online patient data collection, efficiency of staff treatments and a documented, more effective treatment methodology.

As a medical professional, you will find DBC Active Spine Care®:

  • Increases the efficiency of clinical staff and patient interaction
  • Provides objective documentation of patient progress for payers
  • Demonstrates accountability with payers for future treatment visits
  • Serves as triage for physicians and patients considering surgery

Through an evidenced based program, the combination of symptom relief and spine functional adaptation improves your patients’ consultation efficiency and long-term outcomes. When economics is a concern, our DBC Active Spine Care® program can be implemented with low upfront costs. This proven business model will help reduce clinic overhead, maximize treatment efficiency and optimize treatment time for your patients.

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Contact us for more information about the DBC Active Spine Care® methodology and how we can benefit your physical medicine practice, and most importantly – your patients suffering from back pain.