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Welcome to DBC Active Spine Care®

The Leader in Spine Functional Adaptation Restoration

For over 20 years, DBC Active Spine Care® has documented superior outcomes in a global network of spine care centers utilized by medical professionals and employers. This active spine care program has proven benefits of:

  • Superior outcomes to current spine treatment methods
  • Increased clinical staff efficiency
  • Objective spine functional documentation for payer requirements
  • Maximized efficiency for physician-patient plan of care
  • Decreased absenteeism, Presenteeism and ongoing medical claims
  • Increased employee health, well-being and productivity

DBC Active Spine Care® is an evidence-based, bio-psychosocial spine functional restoration program, proven to not only improve spine health, but also to improve the overall well-being of your patients and employees. If addressing back pain is the focus of your spine care center or business, then DBC Active Spine Care® can provide a clinically different program to enhance your clinical practice and reduce employer risk.

Discover Why DBC’s Program is the Best Option


DBC Active Spine Care® is published and clinically validated to produce long-term outcomes.

  • Proven combination of symptom relief and spine functional adaptation
  • 90% positive results in over 150,000 patients worldwide
  • Significantly reduces pain and disability while rebuilding function and well-being for a more productive and meaningful life


DBC Active Spine Care® technology and copyrighted protocol provides:

  • A more efficient scheduling and clinical treatment setting
  • Better business model to maximize income without sacrificing outcomes
  • 50% higher patient retention rate versus conventional spine methods


DBC Active Spine Care® offers low-cost implementation and reduced clinic overhead.

  • Low cost to implement the DBC Active Spine Care® program
  • Treat more patients with less staff for reduced overhead expenses
  • Reduced clinician paperwork enhances patient treatments

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